• Yank Barry’s Helping Hand

  • Posted on July 12, 2016
  • It was actually Yank Barry’s success as a businessman that led to his unwavering desire to make as many lives better as possible. It was as he was traveling the world for business that Yank noticed that too many people were living in the worst conditions imaginable and he felt compelled to help these people, who had seemingly been forgotten by the rest of the world.

    It was in 1995 that Yank Barry started the Global Village Champions Foundation, a global hunger initiative through which Yank has provided more than one billion meals to hungry people throughout the world He also works closely with numerous local agencies and NGO's throughout the world to bring whatever help he can to people in politically unstable areas where few others ever even go.

    He is also different than most philanthropists, in that Yank and his wife Yvette don't just give money and have someone else do the hard work. They do it themselves and they do so even when they provide aid to people caught in crisis. A great example is their efforts to save thousands of refugees from war torn Syria, Iraq and Iran. Yank himself has been able to help thousands of refugees to escape the violence and volatility caused by groups as lethal as ISIS, providing them with food, a home, medical supplies and anything else they need to rebuild their lives.

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